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    Small changes can make a big difference!



    Happy Hump day friends! This is a short but sweet post, but hopefully very helpful!;)

    We will never claim to be cooks because we are very aware of our strengths and VERY aware of our weaknesses!! Maybe, just maybe you can be fitness instructors but hate spending time in the kitchen?!

    Maybe we have ants in our pants and cooking just takes too long!! That’s doesn’t mean we can escape it completely because we are both moms with a lot of mouths to feed, so we do our best! 😋

    Growing up with a very health conscious mom, who is also a fitness instructor, we have picked up a trick or two to make small changes and substitutes to our recipes to eliminate calories, fat, or just over all make it healthier!

    We thought being mid-week why not share  a few and see what you think! Yes some substitutes can alter the taste a bit, but heck we are all in if it means more food we can eat!! 😂 At the end of the day, maybe it doesn’t taste exactly like the original recipe, with all the fat and calories but we don’t want them anyway because “nothing tastes better than healthy feels!” 💪🏻👊🏻👏🏻👍🏻

    Here are the “fabulous 5” small changes that will make a BIG difference in your recipes!!


    Mayonnaise/sour cream—plain Greek yogurt

    pasta— spiral  zucchini noodles ( I bought spiral zucchini grater on amazon)

    Rice–grated steamed  cauliflower

    Tortillas—lettuce leaves


    There are definitely more options you can do but we felt like these are a great place to start! Give it a try! I think you’ll feel great!! Keep smiling right along!!😀😀❤️❤️😘




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    St.Patty’s Day Snacks


    Holidays are always a fun excuse to get creative and do some playful things with your ordinary,everyday foods! I know some of you go all out with extravagant meals and decorations, and maybe some of you don’t bother doing anything thing at all!;) That’s the beauty of being you and doing whatever that heck you want! Ha Being a mom, it’s always fun to see the excitement from your kids when you do a little something to make the day extra special! Let’s face it, life can be a bit monotonous at times, so we thought we’d share a few super simple, easy to do, and of course yummy snacks to spice things up this week for  St. Patrick’s Day! Before I do I thought I’d share a little thought with you.;)

    Five years ago on  st. Patrick’s Day, our entire  family received a call that our dad was taken to the hospital in an ambulance for what they thought was a heart attack, based on his symptoms.  We all hurried to the hospital,  completely filled with worry, and lots of tears! Our entire crew was wearing green of course, because we didn’t want to get pinched on that day !! Ha That night they ran several tests on our sweet dad, ruling out his heart, and finding out he had a large brain tumor. What a heartbreaking day that was! 🙁

    We didn’t know for sure at that point if it was cancerous, but after they operated a few weeks later, we learned it was. Our dad was given about 18 months to live. Our hearts were broken, and our worlds had changed forever. Those next 18 months were spent loving on our awesome dad and sucking up every last second we had with him. We are two very blessed girls to have had him as our dad! He loved like no other, and left a beautiful legacy behind that we are so proud of. He was an influence of good to all who knew him, and such a unique and quirky man which constantly makes us giggle and smile whenever we think of him.❤️❤️❤️

    This little side story  I share because whenever I think of St. Patrick’s day, this is my strongest memory. It’s a hard day, but we have to find the Happy in life right!! We can choose to focus on the heartache or find something fun to do, or make new memories that bring joy and happiness. Making some fun treats on this holiday will put smiles on my families faces, so those are awesome memories!! Sometimes we need to push ourselves a little to get into the fun of life, but we won’t regret it! I challenge you, our friends to find a small way to participate in this upcoming  st. Patrick’s Day! Make something festive for someone else, and their excitement will make you smile!!;) Your effforts will be so worth it!!😘 Now, on to our fun snacks!


    Healthy— Rainbow kabobs- every  leprechaun  needs a rainbow!! easy, pretty, and so festive!!



    Savory– home made spinach chips and guacamole dip- green green green!! 🍀🍀🍀


    IMG_1226 IMG_1227 IMG_1235

    -Cut your chips out with a  shamrock cookie-cutter

    -place on cookie sheet

    -drizzle a tiny bit of olive oil on top ( I put a little oil on a plate, dipped the back of a spoon in the oil and spread over shamrocks lightly) and sprinkle some mrs. Dash over the top

    -bake 325 for 15 minutes

    -dip in your favorite guacamole 😋

    These were delish!!!! 👆🏻

    Sweet– golden coin Oreos


    IMG_1218 IMG_1224

    Now these were interesting! Ha Next time I would get the white Oreos. That way you would only have to dust over them this the edible gold baking spray.( not saturate)  They looked great but had a tiny hint of the spray which was different!;) haha Thought I’d share anyway incase you’d wanted to give them a shot!:) There you go, now take my challenge and turn on some fun this  st. Patrick’s Day and choose happy!!😉😀😘❤️


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    Animal instincts



    When staying positive seems impossible

    Life is full of surprises. One day you’re happily sparkling along and then next you’re hit with unthinkable news.

    How do you stay “thinking positive” when there doesn’t seem to be a silver lining in sight?

    Animal instincts has us fighting all urges of “happy go lucky” in fact, nature has is always scanning the situation, audience, circumstance for negative. Think of an animal in the wild. At all moments they are scanning the premise for a potential threat, predators, they are the hunted and must prepare.

    We do the same thing. We watch for people who may not like us, circumstances that may not go or way, negativity in all situations. But why? We aren’t being hunted like an antelope but we are mentally prepping ourselves for the worst so that, just in case, we must fight the worst and come out on top.

    So what are some key things we can do to help combat this natural instinct? Here are two things you may want to try:
    1. Identify that what you see may be what is actually happening. For example, we see someone who gives us a look which makes us assume they don’t like us, our hair, our outfit…As a fitness instructor we may take it personally as if they don’t like our song, choreography, or us as a teacher. BUT, the good news is we don’t know any of this to be true. Would we dare go up and ask this person why they don’t like us???? No, because we know in our hearts, we are projecting our own insecurities and not the truth. So, remind yourself when you jump to conclusions that it’s often times your own interpretation of yourself and not what you are seeing. Try the opposite, when you see something that makes you feel insecure, make up a different scenario which works in your favor. After all, this may in fact be the truth too.
    2. Focus on what we can control. We spend a lot time giving power to problems that may not exist. When we keep ourselves focused on what we can do for immediate results on situation or behavior, we become less worried about the unknown and are more present in the now. If we assume someone doesn’t like us, rather than ban away and make that space bigger, go up to them. Ask them about themselves, uplift them and see how your opinion may shift.

    We are more capable of turning our day around and positive changes than we give ourselves credit for. You’re great so give yourself permission to be great and great things will come.

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    Chocolate Protein Bowl




    Pretty much if the word chocolate is in the title, it’s safe to say it’s going to be GOOD!😋 This is seriously my favorite thing to eat right now! I have a substantial sweet tooth so it is key to have some  go to sweet dishes that are actually healthy too to keep me on track! I have been eating this chocolate protein bowl after my morning workouts, and it just hits the spot and fills me up!! I’m actually sad when it’s all gone!!:( lol It’s a great afternoon meal too when those snacking cravings sneak up on you! Being prepared with some great meals that you love and don’t take much time to prepare really will make eating healthy so much easier!! It doesn’t just take one decision to eat healthy,  it’s several decisions daily!!

    Here’s what you’ll need–

    1 cup almond milk

    1 scoop of your favorite chocolate protein powder

    1 tbsp organic peanut butter- or PB2( way less calories. I keep forgetting to buy me some!;)

    half banana

    2 tbsp chia seeds ( they thicken it up and add ginormous health value💪🏻)

    optional- handful of spinach

    blend – pour into bowl

    top with —

    thinly slice second half of your banana

    slice 2-3 strawberries

    sprinkle with your favorite granola

    oh my goodness it’s so yummy!! It’s so good for you!! It’s so easy to make!! It’s just what we need in our crazy busy lives when we want to look and feel good too!! Have an awesome day!!




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    Consistency = Success


    IMG_1030 IMG_1032

    Today’s just Thursday, not hump day, or motivational Monday, and not quite Friyayy, so I thought it was a good day for some powerful words of wisdom to spice things up!!

    “Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, success comes from what you do constantly.”

      Oh my goodness, ain’t that the truth!! When I first read this quote my mind related it to health and fitness! When we are consistent and don’t allow ourselves to fall off the bandwagon for too long, we create good patterns and habits with food and exercise . We don’t let too many excuses get in our way, and makes it a lot easier to keep our weight it check.  Over time it becomes so much easier to fit in that workout no matter what curve balls this life can throw at us!  After so many times eating out and consistently choosing that chicken salad, ordering water,  or resisting those frys( but sometimes they  are a must;)), now you are successfully and more easily choosing the healthier options! Awesome!! It isn’t always easy, but we all know it is always worth it!😉

    Really this quote relates to all aspects of our lives! How about our relationships? We definitely have to be consistent with serving, understanding, forgiving, trusting and loving our friends, family, and most importantly our partners to be successful!! We can’t just casually and occasionally be present in our relationships and expect them to be strong and long lasting! I know sometimes are harder then others. We will have good and bad days, but we can’t allow ourselves to drift too far apart or get out of these good habits for too long, or the journey back is much much harder!! If we really want something in life, if something is that important to us, we need to keep our head in the game, eye on the prize, and continue that fight forward to achieve success!! Remember, success isn’t final it’s a stepping stone to the next great thing!!

    Sometimes it’s ok to be predictable because you are so consistent with who you are and what you do, that people know what to expect! That builds trust! Consistency is commitment and determination,  and when pointed in the right direction, is key to achieving what makes us happy and makes us feel successful! I’m just just like everyone else, making lots of mistakes along the way, and needing a little motivation here or there to relight my fire, but as long as we are doing our best to be our best, its enough!


    Loves –Em